Vermilion Sea Field Station

The Vermilion Sea Field Station (VSFS) is a historic dwelling located near the water's edge at the south end of the beach in Bahía de Los Ángeles, Baja California. The field station, a 12 room adobe building, is one of the first dwellings built during the town's original settlement in the 1930's. VSFS was named by Dr. George Lindsey in the mid-1900's because of the spectacular colors that paint the bay each sunrise and sunset. The field station is the ideal place to study and explore the amazing natural environment of the region. The building and small fishing town is located on the shores of the Gulf of California about 420 miles south of the international border at San Diego. The village consists of approximately 700 people -- primarily families that have descended from the early gold & silver mining days. Today we are working with the community to coexist in harmony with the environment in order to preserve the "Bay of the Angels," a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve.

The Vermilion Sea Field Station is a not-for-profit shared-use facility utilized by groups of all sizes and ages. Their stays vary in length from several days to several weeks but all bring their unique passions and leave transformed. The station has ample room for groups of up to thirty students with a large functional kitchen, classroom, study areas, offices, dressing rooms, bathrooms, and specimen room.  Additionally, a separate staff house often comes in handy for class leadership to utilize. Guests sleep on comfortable, hand-made canvas cots, often choosing to place them on the veranda to enjoy beautiful starlit nights and listen to the gently lapping waters of the sea.  Visitors awake to some of the most beautiful sunrises on Earth.  A truly awe inspiring experience, students wake invigorated and ready to seize the day.

We have hosted all types of groups during the past 40 years from elementary school to graduate students and post-graduate researchers. Each group supplies their own leadership, and assumes all responsibility for their student's activities and safety. However, our staff can provide a wide range of involvement from simply opening the doors to arranging and guiding the group through all aspects of their adventures. Specifically, we have a geophysicist, marine and coastal ecologist, and SCUBA instructor on staff to assist in any instruction and curriculum development you may desire.

The unique experience of living and studying in a field station environment in this beautiful region is very special. Groups sharing the use of the station quickly refer to it as a "home away from home" and tend to come back year after year for their "Baja Experience." If you are interested in bringing a group down to utilize the facility please contact us at and take the time to explore our website, Facebook page, image gallery, and testimonials. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Hasta pronto!